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Increasing Scholarships

On June 10, 2010 the Board of Directors voted to amend the bylaws to read that “Ten percent of all donations not specifically designated for other purposes (i.e. Building Fund) are set aside for our Scholarship Fund.”  As of September 2015 The AVRM will have awarded over $14,000 in scholarships, and have been responsible for an additional $4,500 through “Pass the Hat” and Community Service opportunities. Grants from Edison International and Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovitch have been important in providing the support needed to increase and continue our scholarship awards.

Los Angeles County

2015 4.0 Katherine2015 Scholarship presentations

2015 will be a banner year for the AVRM scholarship program. Katherine Villacorta received our $2000 scholarship at the 4.0 Student Recognition Dinner in April. In August we will award two more scholarships during the AV Fair and Alfalfa Festival. $1000 will be given for the FFA Ag. Mechanics and a $2500 scholarship will be presented to one of the participants in the Junior Livestock Auction as we once again support the youths from FFA, $-H, Grange, and Independent groups.


2014zach2014 Scholarship presentations

2014 brought another new scholarship opportunity from the AVRM. Each year the AV Fair Association honors graduating high school students who have maintained a 4.0 GPA or higher during all their high school years. At the 4.0 Student Recognition Dinner  Zachary Sergey was the first recipient of a $2000 scholarship from the AVRM. Jonathan Briggs also was a repeat winner of the $1500 FFA Ag. Mechanics Scholarship.

2014 Jonathon1000

2013Jonathan 1500_edited-12013 Scholarship presentations

In 2013 the AVRM created a new scholarship for students in the Future Farmers of America Agricultural Mechanics program. The inaugural $1500 scholarship was won by Jonathan Briggs. The new award considered scholastic records, community service, and quality of various fabrication projects of steel, aluminum, & wood.

2012 Scholarship presentation

In 2012 the AVRM doubled the amount awarded the previous year while presenting three scholarships. The first was $500 presented to Garret Barnes at the AV Fair Volunteer Appreciation Kick-Off Dinner. The second was also $500 and was given to the most deserving Community Queen. Brooke Bonds who was the reigning Miss Eastside was chosen to receive it. The third & largest was given in cooperation with the Livestock Committee. This award of $1000 went to Jiggs Briggs who had also received the same award in 2011.

2011 Scholarship_edited-12011 Scholarship presentation

The AVRM again awarded our scholarship at the Jr. Livestock auction during the AV Fair.  We presented a certificate to Jiggs Briggs for $1000.  We asked Friends of the AV Fair to match our scholarship.  Not only did they match it, they double matched it for a total of $3000 given to the Livestock committee as a result of the AVRM’s efforts.  To date the AVRM has given $1525 in scholarships and been instrumental in the collection of another $5775 in scholarship money for the youth of Antelope Valley. photo at right from the Jr. Livestock Auction. Front row, from left with amounts awarded: Sydney Roth ($750), Caitlyn Gelfo ($750), Clarissa Butler ($250), and her sister accepting for 2nd time recipient Carlene Hadden ($250).  Back Row Presenters Betty Smith from the FOAVF, Bill Rawlings from the AVRM, Billy Ward representing the Livestock Committee, and Jiggs Briggs ($1000).

2010 Scholarship presentation

2010 525On June 10, 2010 the Board of Directors voted to amend the bylaws to read that “Ten percent of all donations not specifically designated for other purposes (i.e. Building Fund) are set aside for our Scholarship Fund.” At the 2010 AV Fair kickoff dinner the AVRM became the first donors to the AV Fair Volunteers Scholarship Fund. In addition to cash scholarships, as a 501(c)(3) public charity we may use community service hours from college students to aid them in obtaining scholarships and grants.  In 2010 the AVRM helped enable one student obtain a $1500.00 scholarship from his employer.At the 2010 Fair Kickoff dinner the AVRM was responsible for “Passing the Hat” for the AV Fair Volunteer Scholarship Fund.  Over $1300 was collected in a matter of minutes!

Above Right: During a break in the bidding at the 2010 Livestock Auction, Bill Rawlings, representing the AVRM gave $175 scholarships to 3 youngsters; Jessica Briggs of Littlerock FFA, Carollann Scott of Acton Arrowheads 4-H Club, and Carlene Hadden of Orangevale Grange.

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