The Antelope Valley Rural Museum is a California nonprofit public benefit unincorporated association dedicated to preserving the rural history of Antelope Valley. The purpose of the AVRMOH is to develop a permanent historical museum for the citizens of the Antelope Valley by collecting, preserving, restoring, exhibiting, and researching facts and artifacts pertinent to the history of the Antelope Valley located in Los Angeles County, California.


Bill Rawlings

David Pickus

Sheila Sola

Luci Pickus

Dayle DeBry

Earle Specht

Jerry Sterk

The Don Grey Haro Bed Restoration Group

Don Grey, Lloyd Allen, Denny Butler,
Ron Barnes, & Ed Freund


Giovanni Simi

Janine Simi

Barbara Sterk

Jess Baker

Linda Baker

Jennifer Murad

Kirk Wallis

Steve McCormick

Jeff Godde

Pam Rawlings

Bob Brewer

Sky Jung

John Knapp

AACA Simi Loader Restoration Members

Steve Sterk

Carlos Sola

Ruth Godde

Brandy Royce

Kristi Word

Lynn DuPratt

Carol Stephens

Karl Peterson

Carman Losey

Glenn Losey I

Glenn Losey II

Glenn Losey III

Randy Whitson

Stan Ulvin

Norma Gurba

David Level


Bryce Adams
Courtney Adams
Deanna Adams
Jarod Adams
Linda Adams
Mary Adams
Mike Adams
Bob Alvis
Tracey Alvis
Andrea Bancroft
Joe Beebe
Hailee Beebe
Matt Bergman
Laura Blank
Steve Blank
Tom Bookman
Sherry Bragger
Christine Calvert
John Calvert
Cyndee Davenport
Dennis Davenport
Renato DeGuia
Pat Duhart
Roland Duhart
Ed Faucet
Bonnie Fergusson
Gerri Godde
Mary Godde
Patrick Godde
Dennis Groven
Margie Groven
Tommy Hall
Fred Hann
Sterling Houston
Nancy Kellogg
Ken Kline
Susan Knapp
John Krueger
Julie Kyle
Kendal Lenton
Brooke Losey
Annette Lynch
Morgan Lynch
Tina Lynch
Toni Lynch
Jeff McKibban
Brianna Nye
Diane Nye
Jim Nye
Jennifer Peil
Georgia Pipkin
Ralph Pipkin
Heather Poulliot
Ardith Richardson
Ted Richardson
Debbie Smith
Jim Smith
Pat Stevenson
Steve Sturdevant
Randy Whitson
David Williams
Vickie Wilson
Phil Wright

Fellowship Members:

Gold Fellowship Volunteers

= 10,000+ hours

Silver Fellowship Volunteers 

= 1000- 9999 hours

Bronze Fellowship Volunteers

= 100 – 999 hours


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