Rural Olympics Hall of Fame The Rural Olympics Hall of Fame

The Rural Olympics Hall of Fame was founded in May, 2005. Our Mission is to honor those whose outstanding actions and extraordinary contributions to the Rural Olympics have resulted in its continued success, popularity, and quality. The Museum will collect, preserve and display artifacts and historical information pertaining to the Antelope Valley Fair and Alfalfa Festival Rural Olympics for the purpose of documenting the agricultural heritage of the Antelope Valley for future generations.

2011 Rural Olympics Hall of Fame


The Rural Olympics Hall of Fame committee selected the following seven candidates for induction in 2011. Pictured below are; Jeff Godde, Tom Hall, and Bruce Yates receiving their Golden Hay Hook Awards at the fair kickoff dinner.
Inductees not pictured are Terry Rice, Gonzalo Rodriguez, and Marleen Griffin.

2011 ROHOF Inductees

Jeff GoddeJeff Godde 2011 Inductee

Jeff joined the committee in 1976 as a runner and has been on the committee since.  He has competed in the sickle bar competition continuously since 1973, winning 7 times, and finishing in the top three 23 times.  Jeff has competed in 9 different events.

He was also awarded the Western Fairs Association Blue Ribbon Award in 2002.








Marleen GriffinMarleen Griffin 2011 Inductee

Marleen competed in the Women’s tractor Stake Race from 1977-2006, winning 12 times and placing in the top three on 23 occasions.

She competed in the Model T Race several years, and last raced in the Antique Auto Potato Race in 2008.


Tom Hall

Tom Hall 2011 Inductee

Tom first participated in the Rural Olympics in the Model T Race and Antique Auto Potato Race in 1964.

His last appearance was in 1989 with his son Randy when they set the record time in the Model T Race.  That record was never broken.

In his 16 appearances in the T Race he won 7 times and finished in the top three 11 times.


Terry RiceTerry Rice 2011 Inductee

Terry raced in the Potato Race with his brother Gary from 1969-1981.  His real claim to fame, however, comes from the Men’s Tractor Stake Race with Sickle Bar, which he has competed in since 1984.  He was the winner in that race 15 times and holds the current record time.

Terry has also excelled in the Antique Tractor Race, the Tug of War, and the Tractor Barrel Race.  Terry has as many as 33 first place trophies in his collection.


Gonzalo RodriguezGonzalo Rodriguez 2011 Inductee

From 1976-2003 Gonzalo competed in the Hay Loading with Mechanical Field Loader. He was champion 15 times during that period, and finished in the top three 22 times.

On three different occasions when the race course or rules had changed he set a new record.


Bruce Yates

Bruce Yates 2011 Inductee Bruce has been a fan favorite for the past thirty years, since he first entered the Gravel Truck and Transfer in 1981.

He has placed first 13 times and in the top thee 25 times.  Bruce has also competed in the Truck and Trailer Backing as well as the Potato race.

Bruce has also been a valuable asset on the Rural Olympics committee since 1981.  He was also awarded the Western Fairs Association Blue Ribbon Award in 2010.


July 2019
Glenn Losey II
Lori Losey

July 2018
Max Harter
Randy Jaqua

July 2017
Paul Knapp
Rich Breault
Liz Breault

July 2016
John Calvert
David Calvert

July 2015
Pete Knapp
Julie Kyle

July 2014
John Krueger
Darth Eliopulos
Bert Weststyn
Pete Weststyn

July 2013
Giovanni Simi
Chris Planellas
Steve McCormack
Randy Hall

July 2012
Bill Rawlings
Danny Taylor
John Knapp
Scott Harter

July 2011
Jeff Godde
Marleen Griffin
Tom Hall
Terry Rice
Gonzalo Rodriguez
Bruce Yates

July 2010
Ralph Bozigian
Ted Eliopulos
Harold Johnson
Frank Lori
Bill Offingai
Rick Offinga
Bob Yates

July 2009
Wayne Arnold
Ron Carter
Whit Carter
Don Jaqua, Jr.
Sheldon Jaqua
“Old Militia” / Ernie Bailey
Vern Wemple

July 2008
Mel Clark
Al Duncan
Otis Fairchild
John Hemme
Bobby Jones
Judge William Keller
Ray Krueger
Don Padgett

July 2007
Olin Derrick
Les Fredeen
Lawrence “Butch” Godde
Len Griffin
Len Leydecker
M.J. “Jumbo” Reynolds
Frank Stubbings
Keith Tindall

July 2006
Dean Berg
Walter Detjen
Glenn Losey
Lester Losey
Harold “Red Dog” Mansperger
Ray McCormick
Scott Rawlings

July 2005
Donald R. Jaqua, Sr.

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