Images of America: Legendary Locals of the Antelope Valley


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In exploring the panorama of the Antelope Valley’s history and its people’s varied aspirations, determination, and accomplishments, it is easy to see the lasting and dramatic impacts they have made. A few are famous, like young Frances Gumm, who went on to become legendary actress Judy Garland, or Richard “Dick” Rutan, who circled the world nonstop on a single tank of gas in the Rutan Voyager aircraft. Most, however, never knew fame during their lives. Some came seeking gold or worked on the railroads, the Los Angeles Aqueduct, and Borax 20 Mule Teams. Others forged ahead, farmed difficult landscapes, and found success in providing for their families. A poet laureate, the father of Death Valley geology, a suffragette who went on to achieve national fame, and individuals who broke through color barriers are among those who have made the Antelope Valley what it is today.

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