Abandoned Randsburg: The Mojave Desert’s Liveliest Ghost Town



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Randsburg, California, once a booming and bustling Mojave Desert town during the golden era of gold and silver mining, still lives on. At one time, this place was peopled with some very interesting characters, like French Marguerite and Fay LeRoy, well-known soiled doves. Miners, outlaws, shady politicians, regular families—all could be found living and working literally side-by-side without the normal societal divisions. With a population of roughly seventy people, the town has earned the reputation as the liveliest ghost town. Although there are many fascinating old abandoned buildings and structures to explore, the town offers a rich, immersive experience through original old buildings that are still open for business, offering everything from food to antiques and artwork by local artists. Every September, the town goes all-out with Randsburg’s Old West Day celebration, including gun fights, live music, vendors, and people wearing period-era clothing. If you are looking for history, fun, a relaxed atmosphere, and a good family day out, Randsburg offers all of it. Randsburg is also very popular with dirt-bike riders and motorcyclists all year round.

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